Born1891 - Hohlstrasse 465, 8048 Zürich

Zürich's legendary tattoo studio Born 1891 presents tattoo artists from all over Europe. The studio in the heart of Zürich offers a large variety of styles from Maori to the royal class realistic.

Tattoo Studio Zürich


Born1891 - Weissensteinstrasse 14, 4800 Zofingen

As a contrast to Zürich’s downtown Bron 1891 we also have «a country side» studio, Born 1891 up-town, located in classy premise in Zofingen, a medivial littlw town about 60 km west of Zürich. An exclusive range of international arstist offer breathtaking tattoo art.


Every detail shows our professional work. We accompany our client from a photo shooting if necessary and desired, to the composition and drafting of the tattoo to its final execution. We guaranteed absolut professiional services, after all your body will eventually carry our signature for the years to come.


We pay highest attention to hygiene. Our artists work extremely professionally under all relelvant EU norms and use only EU certified colours.


At Born 1891 up-town each design is exclusive, drafted and drawn up by our experienced staff, so that your tattoo turns out ot be as unique as you.


In order to be able to use photos of people as a template we offer qualified photo services. Please click the followiing link: Daniel Preprotnik Photography

Your unique tattoo

From photo shooting tot he final composition we offer a unique and professional service.

Daniel Preprotnik - Tattoo Studio Zürich Zofingen
Born1891 - Tattoo Studio Zofingen Zürich
Tattoo Studio Zofingen Zürich Tattoo

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